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Refund & Cancellation

If the customer is obliged to cancel his trip, he must inform VERMIGO TRAVEL INDIA by any written means allowing for an acknowledgment of receipt, as soon as the event giving rise to this cancellation occurs: this is the date of issue of the writing which will be retained as the date of cancellation for the invoicing of the cancellation costs.

The insurance premium, registration fees, visa fees and cancellation fees more than 60 days before the departure date are not refundable by Vermigo Travel India.

Scale of total cancellation fees, except in special cases

For all services other than air services

  • More than 60 days before departure: 15% of the price of the trip per person (with a minimum deduction of €200 per person)
  • From 59 to 31 days before departure: 30% of the price of the trip per person (with a minimum deduction of €200 per person)
  • 30 and 21 days from departure: 70% of the price of the trip per person
  • 20 and 15 days from departure: 80% of the price of the trip per person
  • 14 and 8 days from departure: 90% of the price of the trip per person
  • 7 days or less before departure: 100% of the price of the trip per person

Special cases:

  • 100% cancellation fees upon registration on cruises or certain exceptional luxury hotels, in particular for all exclusive VERMIGO TRAVEL INDIA accommodation.
  • 100% cancellation fee for all air tickets issued from the date of registration.
  • Vermigo Travel India may offer the customer exceptional products due in particular to advantageous pricing, or important events (high tourist season) or for other reasons which may lead to changes in the scale of cancellation fees. The cancellation fees that will apply will be indicated on your quote. The other provisions herein will continue to apply.
  • When several customers have registered on the same file and one of them cancels their trip, the cancellation fees are deducted from the sums collected by Vermigo Travel India for this file, regardless of who made the payment.
  • In the event of cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, the costs outside the trip subscribed to VERMIGO TRAVEL INDIA and incurred by the customer such as, transport costs to the place of departure of the trip and return home, costs of obtaining visas, travel documents, vaccination costs cannot be reimbursed in any way.